The Logo Creation Process From Start To Finish At Clubcard

Creating a logo is a big project for new and experienced designers. In this video we show the process of creating a logo for "Bridgemen" which is a support group for men with HIV living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The process of logo design begins with getting to know the client's mission and overall purpose. In the first client meeting, we are conducting research to understand how our design will reflect this mission and purpose to be conveyed in the design.

Conceptualizing the first ideas for the client is done by sketching out rough ideas to present to the client for feedback and direction. We generally sketch out ideas in black only, as color palettes should be done when the logo is nearing completion to reduce the decision making steps for the client.

While logos may be thought of as tiny images, they are a visual statement of a company or organization. The mission of "Bridgemen" is to bring men from around the San Francisco bay to support meetings in San Francisco.

The final logo reflects the fact that most of these men must travel across a bridge to attend these meetings in the city.

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