Glossary Of Printing Terms

If you don't understand what we are talking about when using all our printing terminology, this might help. Here we've collected some of the terms and definitions to help you learn what we are talking about.

Gatefold sheet bound into a publication, often used for a map or chart. Also called gatefold and pullout.
Gate Fold
A sheet that folds where both sides fold toward the gutter in overlapping layers.
Consider the light reflecting on various objects in the printing industry (e.g., paper, ink, laminates, UV coating, varnish).
Halo Effect
Faint shadow sometimes surrounding halftone dots printed.
Kiss Cut
To cut the top layer, but not the backing layer, of self-adhesive paper. Also called face cut.
Artist style in which width is greater than height. (Portrait is opposite.)
Method of printing from raised surfaces, either metal type or plates whose surfaces have been etched away from image areas. Also called block printing.
One of the four process colors.
Matte Finish
Flat (not glossy) finish on photographic paper or coated printing paper.
Offset Printing
Traditional print method that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket to paper instead of directly from plate to paper.
Not transparent.
To print one image over a previously printed image, such as printing type over a screen tint.
One side of a leaf in a publication.
With regards to booklets, the numbering of pages.
Perfect Bind
To bind sheets that have been ground at the spine and are held to the cover by glue.
Done on a press or a binder machine, creating a line of small dotted holes for the purpose of tearing-off a part of a card (usually straight lines, vertical or horizontal).
Reference to Pantone Matching System. Also known as Pantone Colors, Spot Colors.
An email display or print out that requires a review and approval before print. Printed proofs can be offered only for our digital products, large format printing, and sticker printing.
Recycled Paper
New paper made entirely or in part from fibers already processed into paper. 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper is made of fibers that have been printed on, then collected and made into new paper.
Sharpness of an image on paper, computer screen, or other medium.
Abbreviation for red, green, blue, the additive color primaries. Is a color mode displayed by computer screens. Some RGB colors are not acheiveable in CMYK.
Solid Coverage
Any area of the sheet receiving 100 percent ink coverage, as compared to a lighter colour or a screen.
Complete and precise written description of features of a printing job such as print method, paper stock and quantity, special finishing instructions.
Spot Varnish
Also know as Spot Gloss, this is a UV Gloss Coating applied to one area of the sheet, instead of covering the entire surface. Is used to highlight logos, text or areas of artwork to differentiat it from its surroundings.
File setup at correct diamensions, in the chosen program, as a starting point for designers. Usually displays the bleed, trim and critical lines.
Text Paper
Lighter, regular weight paper (Not card stock) generally used for posters, booklet pages and brochures.
Trim Size
The size of the printed material in its finished stage, after triming and finishing.
Uncoated Paper
Paper without any clay coatings, with more paper texture feel to it. No sheen at all.
UV Coating
Liquid applied to a printed sheet, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.
Also know as Color Value, referring to the lighteness, darkness, or CMYK formula required to produce the
Liquid applied as a coating for protection and appearance.
Paper manufactured without visible wire marks, usually a fine textured paper.

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