Will you check my spelling, colours, grammar layout during a file check?

When you submit files to Clubcard you are implying that your files are ready to print according to the file preparation guidelines we provide on our site. While we do check your files to ensure they meet the technical standards for printing we will not review your overall design, layout, colour choices or the size of your fonts. We do not check your spelling, grammar or the accuracy of dates or times. Be sure to work closely with your designer to proof your artwork before placing your order. We strongly suggest requesting a proof with every order as an extra measure of assurance before going to print.

In the case of a order that requires graphic design from the ground up, we ask the client to send us typed out information to ensure that the information provided is correct. We encourage you to carefully check over the proof provided before print. By giving approval you have confirmed that the information given to us has been checked and correct.

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